Tulle Boa Workshop – November

Join me for a 2-week course this November. If you attended one earlier this year, this is a brand new routine with new moves to learn on a song never used before.

If this is your first time, don’t worry, we are open to beginners too. Anyone will be able to perform this routine and will have great fun doing so.

If you already own your own tulle boa, please feel free to book below. If you don’t, you can still book below but may want to purchase a prop from me (optional) and it will be ready on the day of the course and for your to keep (get in touch to order it). They are great props for burlesque but also for photoshoot and dress up.

Alternatively, you can also bring a scarf and you will still have an amazing time.

When: 3rd and 10th November from 8pm to 9pm

Where: Fiery Feet Studio in Leamington Spa

How much: £20 per person for both sessions

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